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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 days
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 15%
Shall the company (entity) be named "Dr.Brown's Laboratory" or "Dr.Browns Laboratory"? - whichever is proper should be reflected in the whole document or mentioned in the identifying clause.
Is Dr. Brown's Laboratory affiliated with the Natural Hair Growth Centers of Arizona? - If not, the name referred to above that is also in the first paragraph of the Terms and Conditions must be amended or removed.
Does Dr. Brown's Laboratory utilize the Gaunitz Trichology Method? - If not, it should not be mentioned in the agreement, including the reference to the educational videos of William Gaunitz WTS.
The 10% referral commission rate should be expressly stated in the "Sales" paragraph, including the initial currency to be used in the transfer and the platform to be used for the transfer. We may also include a Reimbursement and Returns paragraph that states the terms of payment and the cancellation of commissions with regard to sold items that were returned for whatever reason, order cancellations, and the likes.
I recommend a non-liability paragraph or clause where the affiliate agrees to not hold Dr. Brown's Laboratories liable or subject the same to any action, claims, suits or proceedings, with circumstances within the bounds of the agreement or proximately related thereto.
I recommend a confidentiality and intellectual property clause that prevents the affiliate from discussing the terms and actual execution of the agreement in public, to other parties, especially direct competitors of the company, and the use of media and other materials or in its likeness, that is owned by the company without proper authorization from the same, in accordance with intellectual property laws.
I also recommend an express provision on the term of period of the agreement, with an express statement that the company may terminate the agreement at any time or for any causes that we may specify that may be detrimental to us, as well as the right to modify the agreement at anytime with proper notice.
Prohibition on the affiliate from establishing a business, domain, entity, or company resembling the name of Dr. Brown's Laboratory in their own country. Such domain names or its likeness may be used by us in our global expansion.
An express provision that states that there is no employer-employee relationship between the affiliate and Dr. Brown's Laboratory and that the agreement does not create an agency, partnership, company, trust or franchise, between the affiliate and the company.
I also recommend a non-transferability clause that prevents affiliates from transferring their rights under this agreement to another person without undergoing the scrutiny and processes of Dr. Brown's Laboratory.
The statements made in the Additional Terms may be used in a prologue or foreword of the Terms and Conditions document.