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Checkme Pro Doctor

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Wellue Checkme Pro Doctor Monitor - ECG, SPO2, Wireless Blood Pressure, Temperature, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer

  • Continuous SpO2 monitor: You can monitor, record, and track overnight SpO2 and pulse rate up to 10 hours. Mobile APP and PC software enable you to look into the SpO2 change in detail.
  • Heart health tracking: Simply place your fingers on the sensor to know your heart condition in 30s. With wrist band, Checkme Pro provides continuous heart health monitoring and recording up to 24 hours. 
  • Work with NIBP unit: Checkme Pro can work with the AirBP Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor via Bluetooth. Test and manage all the BP data including SYS (systolic), DIA (diastolic), and PR (pulse rate) together.
  • Wireless remote monitoring: Under the mini monitor mode, heart condition and oxygen saturation can be monitored at the same time via the multi-parameter splitter. Real-time data is displayed on the mobile APP when connected by Bluetooth.
  • Telemedicine is as simple as a Call: With Checkme Pro, it is never been easier for you to get doctor's diagnosis at home by phone/video call or email. On your smart device and computer, share your health data by one click, or send your doctor the detailed PDF reports. 

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